Afraid Of Rehabilitation

“I was very afraid to come to Rehabilitation. I knew there was little I could do and I was afraid I would be pushed too hard. Also, its one big room so I was very nervous about failing in front of other people.

Being with other people on oxygen was a huge comfort because I knew they knew just how I felt. The staff was wonderful, how they showed you how to do everything and always encouraged you to do a little more. Almost at once I felt like I belonged.

Coming to Rehabilitation has gotten me out of the house and helped me to exercise so I would feel better. I feel much stronger now and I can do some things I couldn’t before (like shop and go to garage sales).

I would recommend Butler Rehabilitation to anyone who needs it. It’s a clean place with helpful staff, nice exercise equipment and really nice friendly people.”

The Right Modivation

“A little over a year ago I had open heart surgery. Shortly there after I was diagnosed with COPD. I had hit rock bottom.

After sitting around feeling sorry for myself for a few months I decided I had to do something, so I enrolled in your program. It completely changed my life. I became stronger physically and was given the tools to lead a better life.

I’m sure other facilities have treadmills and other equipment. But, they are missing three important elements. They are the wonderful people who helped me down the road to a much better life.

They worked with me and made me stronger physically, but most importantly, their kindness made me stronger emotionally and gave me the incentive to want to feel better. Truly, your greatest asset is your staff.”

Never Going To Stop

“When I started rehab in February I had to stop and rest on the ramp just to get into the building.My children helped me with housework and unloading groceries. My days consisted of sleeping and watching TV.

Things I have done after six months of rehab:

  1. 1. Walked up the ramp without stopping.
  2. 2. Went to Michael’s Store and didn’t grab a buggy just to pick up a couple of items.
  3. 3. Went up to Clearview Mall and shopped in a couple stores and even carried bags back to the car (at Christmas I did my mall shopping from a wheelchair).
  4. 4.Can visit my daughter and daughter-in-law (both live up a small grade) much easier and therefore more often.
  5. 5. Can go to UPMC for a CT scan without a wheelchair.
  6. 6. Took road trips to Tennessee, Chambersburg and Lancaster, PA.
  7. 7. Go for my groceries by myself and even unload and put them away.
  8. 8. Went to a Pirate game at PNC Park.
  9. 9. Danced with my son and went swimming with my grandchildren!

    1. The hardest thing for me was to let go of my ego and wear my oxygen all the time. Now with oxygen and rehab I CAN do anything! Someone asked me how long I have to do rehab. I answered until transplant or I die. I now realize it will be until I die because I intend to continue after transplant.”

      The highest praise

      “I have only the highest praise for the Butler Rehabilitation Program. When I first was sent there, I was skeptical that it would help me. I soon realized that I felt much better after a session. I continue to improve, since I have enrolled in the maintenance program. Financially, with the high cost of prescriptions and other medical expenses, it is difficult , but I now feel this has top priority. Also, without continuing, I would soon lose what I have achieved.

      I am convinced that this team knows more about every aspect of the disease they treat than the doctors. I am not criticizing the doctors, who are overwhelmed with so many sick people. I am very grateful that my doctor saw fit to send me for help, which I didn’t know existed. After each session, excellent printed materials were given to me.

      The information was always discussed with me and emphasis put on the important aspect discussed. I have learned now things I should have been told long ago. For example: How to breathe correctly. You think breathing correctly is natural. It isn’t.

      There is always a caring, warm, patient and encouraging atmosphere. This can’t be easy with all the patients, who are sometimes very difficult. They make sure that are always positive in their remarks. I am very sure that if it weren’t for “Rehab”, I would now be down in bed most of the time. Butler Rehabilitation Center is a model of excellence.”

      Changed My Life

      “The day I walked into Butler Rehab Center changed my life. When I start something different in my life or a change, I hesitate. My mind really starts to work overtime. What is it going to be like here? Will I feel comfortable in this place? Will I find the help I need?

      Well, I can tell you it was more than I expected, a wonderful fulfillment in my life. The personnel at Butler Rehab Center is unbelievable. They are such caring wonderful people. I noticed when one is busy another steps in to help.

      They are really interested in each and everyone that comes thru those doors. Not just me, but everyone. I made a lot of friends there. I hope to be back soon under maintenance. My breathing is better, I feel better.”

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Our facilty is designed to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, education, and restorative care to bridge the gap between hospital services and full independence at home.

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