Physical Therapy

Butler Rehabilitation Centers offer tailored physical therapy to meet your individual needs. Each patient is evaluated with a thorough history and assessment to provide a plan of care and meet your functional goals.

We provide services to treat:

Orthopaedic diagnoses: joint dysfunctions of the arms, legs, spine, and jaw to improve joint range of motion, increase strength, increase balance, decrease pain, and improve function such as decreased risk of falling in elderly population, decreased pain in an arthritic joint, ability to return to running for exercise, return to playing a sport, etc.

Cardiopulmonary diagnoses: able to improve functional mobility with improved endurance and cardiopulmonary response to activity (for example: less shortness of breath).

Work-related injuries: experienced with upper extremity trauma and repetitive work injuries. Able to address current problems and provide ergonomic education (how to better perform the work tasks to optimize function with minimizing risk for further injury).

Lymphedema: provide skilled services to improve the lymph system flow of a compromised area of the body, decreasing the severity of the lymphedema with interventions such as manual lymph drainage and compression bandaging.


Vestibular problems: proficient in the assessment of patients experiencing vertigo, which is the symptom of dizziness or incorrect perception of your environment leading to balance problems and nausea. Able to treat all diagnoses including episodic, provoked, positional, and constant vertigo once cleared by your doctor that there is no underlying cause requiring immediate medical attention. These include: Meniere's disease, labyrinthitis, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), ear infections, or lasting effects after tumors or trauma.

Services Overview

Our facilty is designed to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, education, and restorative care to bridge the gap between hospital services and full independence at home.

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