Home Sleep Studies

There are many home tests on the market, but none of them record all of the vital signs that a complete in-lab sleep study would—eye and limb movement that might be associated with a neurological disorder, for example. There is increasing evidence, however, that suggests they are effective in diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea. Here at BRC, we use the Resmed Apnea Link Air system that collects the following information:

  • Airflow
  • Breathing effort
  • Blood oxygen
  • Snoring sounds
  • Breathing effort

Who is eligible?

Home tests aren't for everyone. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine approves the use of home tests only if you meet the following criteria. You are between 18 and 65 years of age. Home sleep tests are not recommended for children or older adults. You have a high risk of moderate-to-severe sleep apnea. Your risk for sleep apnea can only be determined by a complete sleep evaluation. Key risk factors include loud and frequent snoring, daytime sleepiness, obesity, and witnessed pauses in breathing during sleep.

You have no other major medical problems. Other medical problems can affect the results of a home sleep test, including lung disease, neuromuscular disease, and congestive heart failure. You have no other sleep disorders. Other sleep disorders also can affect the results of a home sleep test. During your evaluation the sleep specialist will determine if you show signs of having another sleep disorder. Examples include central sleep apnea, periodic limb movements, insomnia, parasomnias, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and narcolepsy.

You also may be eligible for a home sleep test if health or safety concerns prevent you from being able to leave home for a night. A home sleep test also may be used to evaluate your response to some sleep apnea treatments, including oral appliances, surgery, and weight loss.

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